Harvestland Groups are a great opportunity for people to connect as they journey through life together!

Spiritual, emotional and relational growth takes place as everyone shares in the everyday experiences of life, and we want to encourage people to engage with each other and share the growth they are encountering. They are intended to be foundational and enriching to your faith journey.

What makes Harvestland Groups unique?

  • They meet regularly – weekly or monthly
  • They have 4 or more people attending, including the leader
  • They develop and identify an assistant leader
  • They model our core values by striving to Build others up in their faith, Equip others to serve and Win the hearts of the lost for Jesus
  • Unless specified, they welcome new people into the group anytime during the season
  • They are supported by church leadership
  • They develop group members into future leaders
  • They encourage group members to invite people who are outside the church
  • They grow

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Who leads the groups?

A trained leader and assistant leader facilitates and encourages group discussion. We focus on not teaching but rather fruitful discussions to get us thinking about what’s being presented.

 What is the commitment to a group?

We make it really easy for our visitors to participate to in our groups. We encourage regular attendance just so you don’t skip a beat with what’s going on – that’s where true growth is!

 Can I change groups if I want to?

Absolutely! Our group leaders encourage you to visit a few groups before selecting the best one for you. If you are currently in a group and would like to make a change, just ask your leader for a recommendation.