Pete and Heather Freeman

Lead Pastors

God has called us to minister to both young and old. We need youth in our churches; so many churches are slowly declining because they have lost their heart to reach children and teens. We believe, however, that this is not only done through the worship and preaching, but through the lives and experiences of older Christians in the body of Christ. There must be a bridge between the two, young and old, for a church to grow and become healthy.

Devanne DLoss

Youth Pastor, Ministries Coordinator

I have known ever since I was a teenager myself that God called me to work with youth. It is my passion and desire to disciple the teens of today and equip them with the tools they need to stay firm and rooted in their relationship with Jesus, even after high school. I love nurturing new and emerging leaders to step up and change the world around them with the Gospel – no matter how young they are!

Leadership health is something that is also very important to me. It is my goal to help remove the aloneness that often comes with being a leader – to uplift and support other leaders and to equip them with the tools they need to lead a fruitful ministry.

Mike DLoss

Youth Pastor, Creatives Director

I have a desire for the next generation of Christians and leaders to step into the world and be prepared to share the Gospel with those who think the church of today is exactly what the media tells them. My ministry focuses on defending our faith in a world that walks further and further away from the church. It’s very important that the youth of today understand what we believe, so that they don’t fall under the guise that the world teaches them.

I’m also blessed to be in a position where I can better present the Word, the message, and any other media to our congregation in a modern, thoughtful, and meaningful way. My goal as a Creatives Director is to develop our church into a consistent and modern house of worship through visually appealing media and accessible technology that our leaders and visitors can appreciate.

Willis Greer

Worship Leader

As a minister of worship, my desire and passion is to allow God’s people to fill this place with vibrant praise and adoring worship, surrendering ourselves and letting the Spirit of God break the chains that bound all of us. There is much freedom and joy to be had when we go to the mercy seat and give Him the praise and worship our Father is seeking and desires. When we as a body of one come together in unity, with one voice, we will experience life changing worship like we’ve never experienced before.

Summer Posey

Children’s Director

Every child is a unique blessing to the Body of Christ. They are future husbands, wives, parents, and leaders. Jesus said in Matthew 18:5, “And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me.” God has called me to share His love and teach His message to the youngest of Harvestland Church. I am passionate about the Bible, being a mom, learning world history, and crafting. However, my greatest joy is sharing in the excitement of a child who discovers their identity in Christ. Through Christ our children will share light, love, and hope to our world.